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Thursday, November 8, 2018

NY Against AS Urges Congress, Don't Pour Money Into A System That Can't Manage Itself!

Federal Congress Bill Wants To 'Help' by Pouring
Money Into System Which Can't Manage Itself - Ethically.
NY Against AS Foresees Many NYers Lives At Stake & Urges
"Fix The System First"!

"The "Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act, bills H.R. 1676 and S. 693, were proposed in 2017 and viewed as noncontroversial." 
 New York Against Assisted Suicide found the federal Bill, "Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act", to be not only controversial but also detrimental to New York State. All New Yorkers know that fraud and abuse fraud and abuse exists in every aspect of New York living the unfortunate consequences of residing in New York State.

A point to remind Congress,  New York is also home to the NY Stock Exchange and multitude of banking industries, where in 2008, the big news at the time was the "Big Bank Bail Out" according to Forbes Magazine. President Bush signed the $700 billion bank bailout bill on October 3, 2008. The official name of the bill that was passed and signed was the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The infamous bailout could not correct the major problem which was the unethical practices that were performed by unethical bankers. Much of the bailout lead to greater bonus' at Christmas time, two months following the bailout. 

New York Against Assisted Suicide urges the Senate in Congress to not pass a Bill that would grab American tax payor money and dump it into the Palliative and Hospice system that is riddled with stealth euthanasia, NY laws that lead to unethical practices and a majorly Soros funded, assisted suicide agenda. Vote "NO" on The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act, Bills H.R. 1676 and S. 693.

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